😑 Expressionless Face Emoji

Expressionless Face Emoji

Expressionless Emoji Meaning: 

Emojis were designed as an approach to symbolically represent feelings. Expressionless Face emoji is a yellow face smiley with two little straight lines for the eyes and a single large straight line for the mouth. May elicit a stronger sense of anger or frustration. It’s similar to the Neutral Face, but the eyes have a fatigued look to them as if they’re saying ‘I’m sick of this or ‘Stop it.’

Expressionless emoji says a lot while keeping itself feelingless. You would not find anything over this emoji because you do not want to give a statement even with emojis. When you are too afraid to say anything or you feel like your opinion would be disregarded the expressionless emoji is the best thing to do.

NOTE: Expressionless Face was endorsed as a feature of Unicode 6.1 in 2012 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

expressionless face emoji

How to copy-paste expressionless face emoji?

Expressionless emoji is about the emoji that shows your fatigue, stress, and emotional breakdown.  If you want to have the expressionless face emoji copy and paste option then follow the following customs.

1. Navigate the website called heatfeed.com

2. Search your emoji by going to the search and writing down your emoji name.

3. Click the button to copy the emoji and it will be copied

4. Paste it on your laptop screen or on your social media like Facebook, Twitter

Similar Emojis

There are some other emojis that are similar to 😑 Expressionless Face emoji, 😐 Neutral Face, and 🫥 Dotted Line Face. Every emoji passes on a one-of-a-kind message, among numerous others.

Also Known As

😑 Face With Straight Mouth

😑 Straight Face

😑 Annoyed

😑 Disappointed Face

Apple Name

😑 Expressionless Face


😑 U+1F611


:expressionless: (Github, Slack) 

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