💶 Euro Banknote Emoji

Euro Banknote Emoji

Emoji Meaning

Euro Banknote emoji💶It’s a bunch of 100-euro bills in a bundle, each with a sticker that reads “Euro” on it—symbolizing the European economy, Euro Banknote emoji. In general, it’s an indication of wealth, income, and possibly even employment in Europe.


As part of Unicode 6.0, the “Banknote with Euro Sign” was approved in 2010 and introduced to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Also Known As

💶 European Currency

💶 €100 Notes

💶 Euro Banknotes

💶 Bundle of Euro Banknotes

💶 Euro

💶 European Banknotes

💶 Banknote(s) With Euro Sign


💶 U+1F4B6


:euro: (Github, Slack)

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