ESdiario: One Of The First And Best Digital Newspapers

by heatfeed

Esdiario was initially founded in the year 1999, by Antonio Martin Beaumont. It was originally named El Semanal Digital, which was changed on 25th November 2015, the original name was changed to Esdiario.

This was done as part of providing a new identity to the brand. However, keeping the acronym of ESD the same as the earlier one.  

During the time of its inception, Esdiario was one of the first digital newspapers, and also one of the best. Most of these websites were unable to continue their operation.

However, with fantastic content, Esdiario not only survived but was also awarded as the best digital newspaper in Spain.

This was a massive achievement for ESD, as it brought them into direct competition with the market leaders at the time, such as El Mundo. The likes of which enjoyed a cult kind of following, and were established household names.

Esdiario is a digital newspaper that strives towards providing information to the masses, using digital means. However, over the years, there have been some significant changes made to the website, including a new interface.

The website interface is focused on the youth of today, who want every information at the earliest and with ease. This is precisely what Esdiario has achieved with the website. Here is a detailed understanding of the features and other details of the Esdiario website.


The Esdiario home page greets you with a trending hashtag or a motivational quote, from the most important news at the moment. This is followed by the website logo and their motto of Information For Decider’.  

The main menu and a secondary menu are available right under the name of the website. One fantastic feature is that the main menu remains at the top of the screen even if you have scrolled down. This is useful for switching to another item on the menu, without having to scroll back, right up to the top.  

There are trending tags, from the happenings around the world, which redirect you to the particular article.


This column is dedicated to the news from the country. Everything from sports to politics is available here. If any new happenings around the world affect Spain, this column shall surely cover it. Another great thing about Esdiario is that the tags which represent major news articles are updated under every category. 

For Example, the tags on the cover page were different and focused on all parts of the world. However, the labels in the Spain section cover articles only from Spain to minimize the field of search.


This section gives information about all the happenings around the world, including those that affect Spain and the ones that do not. Everything from the economy to international relations among different nations. The World section also gives details about the most-seen articles from around the world on the website.


The economy is a broad term, and with many growing economies trying to make a mark, it becomes a necessary aspect of life. Esdiario has divided the Economy section of the news into five parts, which are discussed below:

Economy Section

This section provides information about the country’s economy, as a result of several different situations. Every country is directly or indirectly involved in each other’s economic growth. 

For Example, almost every country in the world is dependent on the middle east for their fuel. Similarly, almost all countries are dependent on Australia for their Uranium supplies.

The economy sector monitors the economic situation in other countries, to provide information about the current and expected growth of the country.


Companies affect the economy of the country, and it is a mutual deal, where the country benefits from the company and vice versa. This is the situation within countries. However, MNC’s affect several countries. 

Suppose there is an automobile manufacturer from Japan. Although it does not manufacture its vehicles in Spain, a change in its stance makes a difference to the Spanish economy.

This section of the company on the Esdiario deals with such news and offers the latest articles on Companies. The change in policies, new markets, products, investments, and every other decision from every company that affects Spain is mentioned in this column.


This is the column solely targeted toward providing information from the Automotive industry. For most countries around the world, Automotive is one of the most significant industries. Apart from its primary use, the Automotive sectors employ a large number of individuals.

A crisis at an automobile company affects hundreds or even thousands of people. Recently there have been changes in the way vehicles work in a quest for a better future. The rise of electric vehicles has been coming and is creating ripples in the economies of several countries.

Spain, for one, is heavily dependent on the Automotive industry and is one of the primary hubs for automobile manufacturers and motorsports around the world.


This section targets the technological advancements in various fields, within the country and around the world. From a new smartphone launch to the development of a new aircraft by Lockheed Martin, all information from the tech world can be seen in this column.

Also, there are specifications and reviews of the latest gadgets available. The most major aspect of the Internet section is the way articles are composed. Reading these articles will give you a feeling as if the editor is explaining it to you. 

Water Management

Water management is a significant issue across the globe. Luckily Spain is not amongst the most adversely affected countries by this issue. However, to maintain this situation, and avoid any further problems regarding water, the Spanish government is taking some sincere steps.

There are several private organizations that are directly involved in water treatment processes. All the news regarding the same is updated on the Esdiario website in the Water Management column under the Economy section.


Media is one of the essential operations in a country and is proof of a democratic rule in place. The most basic of functions is to provide information to the common man and enlighten the citizens of the latest happenings around the world.

However, the ground reality is different, as Media does much more than that.  From newspapers to news channels, Media personnel requires a lot more guile than most other professionals. This section brings along the latest news from such media channels.


Spain is well known for its sporting fraternity. Out of several most popular games in the country, Football, Lawn Tennis, and Motorsports stand out.

The Spanish football league is considered one of the best in the world. Football teams enjoy an extremely loyal fan following and bring in a lot of tourists for the games.

Similarly, Motorsports also hold severe importance, especially F1 and MotoGP, which are the prime motorsport events around the world. There are several riders, the most notable being Marc Marquez, who is a MotoGP rider.

All the news regarding these and several other sports is available on the website, under the Sports column of Esdiario.


The opinion column is dedicated to the Editors of the Esdiario newspaper and is entirely controlled by them. The editors write their opinion regarding the latest happenings in the country and the world.

These opinions give the readers a different perspective and a unique point of view on the situation. Opinions on certain news are also important because the general public might misunderstand a particular announcement or other such updates.

These Editorials help in providing readers with a better understanding of the happenings around the world.

The Lame Duck

This section offers a humorous take on several happenings around the country. From controversial interviews to viral videos, this column shows articles related to these happenings, and it is great to have a burst of slight laughter.

This section is the place to be for you if you are a meme creator and looking for content to make memes on. 

Please note that any content in this column is solely for the purpose of entertainment. Esdiario does not target defaming any individual or organization, in the process of creating this content.

Secondary menu

Apart from the main menu; there is a new menu, which consists of a few topics that are not covered in the main menu. It offers the latest news articles on the following: 

  • Gossip, 
  • Lifestyle, 
  • Digital news, 
  • Valencian Community,  
  • Vanity, 
  • Estvcine(online streaming service),
  • Technology.

Other Features

Esdiario offers a search bar at the top right corner, which can be used to search for a particular article. The search bar is so versatile that you don’t require to enter the full name of an article.

Simply use a keyword or the name of whoever is involved in the article, it will show the related articles. 

You can subscribe to the regular newsletter of the Esdiario website, using your email Id. 

If you wish to share the website address. You usually copy the link and then open another website, where you paste the link. However, on Esdairio, you can share a particular webpage via Facebook and Twitter, without any trouble.

Regularly Updated Or Not?

Esdiario is regularly updated, often up to several times a day. This is necessary to add new content to the website. As soon as there is a new piece of news that should be posted on the site, it is uploaded.

If you look at the top left corner of the website; you can see the time when the website was last updated. 

What About Advertisements?

Yes, there are advertisements. However, you wouldn’t even notice them. A tiny portion at the side of the screen is dedicated to these advertisements.

These ads do not affect your browsing experience and are so subtly laid out that initially; you wouldn’t even notice them. 

The good part is that there are no pop-ups that are annoying and can be discouraging. So go ahead and visit Esdiario, without having to worry about advertisements affecting your browsing experience.

Safety Of My System? 

The safety of your system is among the top priorities for Esdiario. As is evident with the usage of several measures taken to avoid any cyber-attack on your or any other user’s system.

Esdiario does not ask you for any information, apart from a few details for Sign-up purposes. You have to enter your name, email address, and your phone number.

At last, set a password for the Esdiario login. You can use the same email to subscribe to the Esdiario newsletter. 


Esdiario is amongst the best digital newspapers going around. The website is very versatile and does not focus on any particular group of people. It is equally appealing to the youngsters as well as the elderly.

The regular updates and newsletters add to the already fantastic website experience. Other features like tags for quick search, an opinion bar, and last updated time are also pretty useful. Overall, Esdiario is an impressive website, with a commendable collection of information.