🔌 Electric Plug Emoji

Electric Plug Emoji

Emoji Meaning

Electric Plug Emoji🔌a black plug with a pair of thick golden sticks that allow the flow of power. The lower edge of the plug preceding the cable or electric line is also illustrated. The Electric Plug object is the act of charging, recharging, or just driving a gadget or electric appliance. Essentially, this emoji means transmitting energy to any medium; electricity, spirituality, almost everything.


As part of Unicode 6.0, Electric Plug was approved in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Other Names

🔌 Plug

🔌 Charging Plug

🔌 AC Adaptor

🔌 Power Cable

🔌 Power Plug

🔌 Electric Outlet

🔌 Outlet

🔌 Wall Socket


  • 🔌 U+1F50C


:electric_plug: (Github, Slack)

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