🥁 Drum Emoji

Drum Emoji

Emoji Meaning

Every musical instrument on the emoji list has its own set of emotions associated with it, and the Drum Emoji is no exception. This object also suggests tempo and even dance activity such as hip hop.

Note: As part of Unicode 9.0, “Drum with Drumsticks” was approved in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 the following year.

Similar Emoji

🪗 Accordion, 🥫 Canned Food, 🥢 Chopsticks, 🎚️ Level Slider, 🪘 Long Drum, 🛢️ Oil Drum, 🤘 Sign of the Horns, 🎺 Trumpet.

Also Known As

🥁 Snare Drum

🥁 Snare

🥁 Drum and Drumsticks

🥁 Drums

🥁 Drumroll

🥁 Ba Dum Tss

🥁 Drummer


🥁 U+1F941


:drum: (Github):drum_with_drumsticks: (Slack)

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