🔯 Dotted Six-Pointed Star Emoji

Dotted Six-Pointed Star Emoji

Emoji Meaning

This emoji depicts a dotted six-pointed star against a purple box. It is a Shaktona symbol in the Hindu religion. It is generally used while talking about different religions of Hinduism and the union of Shakti and Shiva.

NOTE: Dotted Six-Pointed Star was accepted in 2010 as part of Unicode 6.0 under the name “Six Pointed Star with Middle Dot” and in 2015 labeled as Emoji 1.0.

Similar Emojis

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Apple Name

 🔯 Six Pointed Star with Middle Dot

Unicode Name

🔯 Six Pointed Star with Middle Dot


🔯 U+1F52F


:six_pointed_star: (Github, Slack)

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