🕵️ Detective Emoji

Detective Emoji

Emoji Meaning

The 🕵️ detective emoji shows a person using a magnifying glass and wearing a hat. This emoji tries to find closely evidence. People emoji has a large number of relevant emojis in all skin tones.

Note: In 2014 detective emoji was accepted as part of Unicode 7.0. In 2015 Under the name of “Sleuth or Spy”  this was accepted to Emoji 1.0.

Also Known As

🕵️ Detective 

🕵️ Private Eye 

🕵️ Sleuth

🕵️ Spy

Apple Name

🕵️ Detective 

Unicode Name

🕵️ Sleuth or Spy 


🕵️ U+1F575



:detective: ( Github)

:sleuth_or_spy: (Slack)

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