🥒Cucumber Emoji

Cucumber Emoji

Cucumber Emoji Meaning:

This emoji depicts a cucumber as long, green-colored with bumps on the outside. This fruit emoji resembles a pickle or gherkin, pickle emoji, pickle emoji copy and paste on different platforms, both of which are derived from cucumber. It is an important ingredient of a healthy diet. People use this emoji on twitter when they are talking about their healthy diet and making a salad. People also use this emoji as a symbol of the penis.

The cucumber emoji is often used in its direct meaning. People use this emoji in the phrases like this: “Yes, cucumber sandwich is my favorite 🥒🥪” or “Greek Salad ​🍅​🥒​🧀​🥫​”.

NOTE: Cucumber Emoji was approved for Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and in Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

cucumber emoji

Similar Emojis

The similar emojis of the Cucumber emoji are 🥬Leafy Green, 🥦Broccoli, 🥝Kiwi Fruit, 🥙Stuffed Flatbread, 🥗Green Salad, 🥕Carrot, 🔪Kitchen Knife, 📍Round Pushpin, 🍐Pear, 🍏Green Apple, 🍌Banana, 🍈Melon, 🍆Eggplant, 🍅Tomato, 🍄Mushroom, or 🌽Ear of Corn.

How to copy and paste Cucumber Emoji?

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Social media posts featuring sushi rolls, salads, and hot pictures are all places where people use the cucumber emoji. In texting, it is as popular as the eggplant in describing make genitalia. Yes, along with baguettes and corn cobs. Mostly this emoji is used in its direct meaning.

Also known as

🥒 Pickle

🥒 Gherkin


🥒 U+1F952 


cucumber: (Github, Slack)

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