🎬 Clapper Board Emoji

Clapper Board Emoji

Emoji Meaning

 Clapper Board emoji stands for movie direction, filming, and even theatre in its purest form. When you see the Clapper Board object, you know that activity is to happen.

Note: As part of Unicode 6.0, Clapper Board was approved in 2010, and it was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Similar Emoji

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Also Known As

🎬 Clapper

🎬 Clapperboard

🎬 Slate

🎬 Slateboard

🎬 Cue Card

🎬 Clapboard

🎬 Time Slate

🎬 Sync Slate

🎬 Smart Slate

🎬 Sound Marker

🎬 Dumb Slate


🎬 U+1F3AC


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