🗜️ Clamp Emoji

Metal Clamps Emoji

Emoji Meaning:

Clamp emoji made of metal 🗜️, with a curved frame to the right, attached to a long screw with a metal handle, and ending in a gradual circular stamp-like point or the movable jaw over the fixed jaw object. If items need to be held together, then the emoji Clamp is what you need. However, it also conveys suffocation.


The clamp was introduced to Emoji version 1 in 2015 after being added to Unicode 7.0 in 2014 as “Compression.”

Other Names

🗜️ Compression Clamp

🗜️ Compression

🗜️ Metal Clamp

🗜️ Fastener

🗜️ Brace

🗜️ Holdfast

🗜️ Table Vice

🗜️ WinZip

🗜️ Capo

Code points




:clamp: (Github)

:Compression: (Slack)

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