🥢 Chopsticks Emoji

Chopsticks Emoji

Emoji Meaning

The Chopsticks Emoji 🥢 represent the process of eating and dining in the East Asia. This object may vary in design and color on different social networking platforms. It is represented by red or wood-colored stickers that have been angled together at their tips. It is a very important utensil in East Asian Countries. 

Note: The Chopsticks Emoji became a part of Unicode 10.0 in the year 2017 and then it was considered to be added in the Emoji 5.0 in the year 2017. 

Similar Emoji 

A list of similar emojis for the chopsticks emoji is 🍜 Steaming Bowl, 🍽️ Fork and Knife with Plate, 🍱 Bento Box, 🥣 Bowl with Spoon, 🍯 Honey Pot, 🍚 Cooked Rice, 🍛 Curry Rice, 🍡 Dango, 🍵 Teacup Without Handle, 🥁 Drum, 🥟 Dumpling, 🍥 Fish Cake with Swirl, 🇨🇳 Flag: China, 🇯🇵 Flag: Japan, 🇲🇴 Flag: Macao Sar China, 🍴 Fork and Knife, 🥠 Fortune Cookie, 🍤 Fried Shrimp, 🥮 Moon Cake, 🎹 Musical Keyboard, 🍢 Oden, 🍲 Pot of Food, 🧧 Red Envelope, 🍶 Sake, 🥘 Shallow Pan of Food, 🥄 Spoon, 🍣 Sushi, 🥡 Takeout Box.

Apple Name

🥢 Chopsticks


🥢 U+1F962


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