⛓️ Chains Emoji

Chain Emoji

Emoji Meaning: 

Chain emoji⛓️  is shown on one chain, and the front profile on the other. A common thread runs through all of these chains: a sequence of interlocking metal links⛓️. “Chains” stands for “metal chains” (or two). While this object could be interpreted as a symbol of restriction, it could also be a representation of metal, fastening, and bondage (either implicitly or explicitly)⛓️.


Added to Emoji 1 in 2015, Chains was accepted into Unicode 5.2 in 2009.

Other Names

⛓️ Chains

⛓️ A Pair of Metal Chains

⛓️ Linked Chains

⛓️ Shackles

⛓️ Bonds

⛓️ Bondage

⛓️ Irons

⛓️ Manacles

⛓️ Leg Irons




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