Casanova, su último amor Leaked by Mejortorrent

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Casanova, su último amor

Casanova, su último amor Story:

Casanova, “the most powerful man within the world,” the loveable phallus, in his mid-years, crazy with a young lady half his age who doesn’t offer him enough attention. Isn’t this the classical tragedy throughout all human existence, say from the Bible’s King David to the numbers of fifty-year-old divorces nowadays? The sexual power young ladies have, even the ugliest or less proficient one, drives crazy such a large amount of men and makes them place at risk their name, money, even their own life.

Casanova here insists it’s quite a mere infatuation, and he’s correct, his scenario is much a lot of difficult than that. What’s the reality of his want then? Is it concerning some power this specific girl as such has? The picture justly shows her ambiguously; she is engaging, yes, however conjointly vulgar and artful. Therefore, is it one thing unsatisfactory that he sees in himself? Perhaps affirmative.

Casanova is a libertine who has designed a reputation as a womanizer; he has cash, social influences, ex-lovers are keen on him. However, we have a tendency to see him here exactly on the verge of self-humiliation and degradation, risking losing everything only for the sake of receiving care and a focus from a love that’s not possible just for him. 

Casanova, su último amor leaked by Mejortorrent:

Casanova, su último amor Leaked by MajortorrentCasanova, su último amor Leaked by Majortorrent

Casanova, “the most powerful man within the world,” is that the only one who cannot have this girl. This puzzle is also the social control he unconsciously inflicts on himself, following the legend of Don Giovanni, the hunt for ethical redemption through self-inflicted religious and sexual pain. This picture could be a masterpiece, for it shows the moment of realization that all folks have, at some purpose, seeing the finiteness of their lives.

The film is also deeply humanistic. It shows however and why power relations are difficult and bi-directional, off from what this Me-too wave of immature self-victimization has popularized within the American culture. Script and direction are precise and dynamic here, and also the photography is redolent of and technically excellent. Actors Lindon and Martin deliver pleasurable parts; they succeed at creating this power game vivid and tragic.


Filming takes place at Hever Castle, Edenbridge, Kent, England, and United Kingdom. 

Box Office Business:

The box office business of this movie is estimated as 6,500,000 euro

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