🛶 Canoe Emoji

Canoe Emoji

Emoji Meaning

Canoe Emoji can recommend a riverboat and sports like canoeing, kayaking, and river rides. This object is a narrow ship with a paddle put next to or on it, seen either from the side or above.

Note: As part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016, Canoe was approved, and in 2016 it was added to Emoji 3.0. 

Also Known As

🛶 Canoeing

🛶 Kayak

🛶 Kayaking

🛶 Rowing

🛶 Rowboat

🛶 Dugout

🛶 Outrigger

🛶 Bidarka

🛶 Pirogue


🛶 U+1F6F6


:canoe: (Github, Slack)

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