♋ Cancer Emoji

Cancer Emoji

Emoji Meaning

The Cancer emoji depicts the “(♋︎)” symbol in the center of the square. This symbol indicates the Cancer sign of the horoscope. The people who are born between June 21- July 22 are Cancer individuals and are hidden habits and self-protection traits.

NOTE: Cancer was accepted in 1993 as part of Unicode 1.1 and in 2015 labeled as Emoji 1.0.

Similar Emojis

A list of similar emojis of ♋Cancer Emoji includes ♊Gemini, ♉Taurus, ♎Libra, ♒Aquarius, ♓Pisces, ♑Capricorn, ♈ Aries, and ♌Leo.

Apple Name

♋ Cancer


♋ U+264B


:cancer: (Github, Slack)

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