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In the hot season like summer bubble tea is always everyone’s favorite drink. it is also called bubble milk tea, pearl milk tea, and boba tea. This tea consists of chewy tapioca balls. These balls are also called pearls or boba. It has two types first one is teas without milk and the second one is milk teas.


Bubble milk tea was firstly introduced in Taiwan. Milk and sugar have been added in Taiwan and then the history of this tea started. It was invented in 1986. In 1990 popularity of this tea spread all over the East. Milk tea is most famous among young people. In some famous cafes, people line up and wait a lot for getting a cup of tea. Too many boba lovers are present and the demand for this tea is increasing day by day. People love the new flavored teas like ice cream bubble tea,  candy bubble tea, Pizza bubble tea, bubble tea toast, bubble tea sushi, etc. 

In Taiwan, it is a symbol of their culture. On April 30, Taiwan celebrates tea day. On that day, many outsiders visit this country and enjoy their culture while drinking their national tea. Hong Kong is also famous for boba tea. They introduced a new style of boba milk in which they add brewed black tea to condensed milk. 


The idea of adding tapioca balls or boba pearls to boba tea comes from China. In 1990 China is also popular for introducing diverse boba tea. They add different toppings to boba milk tea so that people enjoy it while drinking this tea. In China, it is most popular among the young generation. 

What is Boba/Topica

Topicao balls are chewy balls made from topicao starch in brown or black in color. Bubble tea is milk-based tea with high protein and carbohydrates. Due to its high demand of boba tea is popular day by day. Now different flavors like, bubble drink ice cream and bubble tea candy are introduced. People like the new flavors and toppings of tea. Due to the high demand for this drink, new methods and varieties come into the market to prepare it. You can use any strong tea for making it but I use Numi’s Chinese breakfast tea. 

The toppings of boba especially tapioca balls burnt if we cook more. So that, you should not cook these pearls more otherwise they become hard and it feels not good.

Wide Range of flavors 

flavours availble

Due to its high popularity, crystal boba tea has a wide range of flavors. There are many new flavors introduced in the market for bubble tea. Milk tea comes in many varieties like green tea, oolong tea, and black tea. Blended tea is newly introduced in which we blend tea with ice cream and condensed milk. 

In milky bubble tea, you add unsweetened black tea or green tea, milk (e.g almond milk), and ice cubes.  Mix all ingredients well and make a good mixture then you add toppings on tea as you like to add. This tea is famous due to its good taste. 

In fruity flavored tea, orange juice, strawberry flavors, and other fruity flavors are very delicious and famous. You add fresh fruit juice, or milk ( e.g almond milk), honey, and ice cubes.  People prefer this tea to others because they like its taste. 

How to make Milk Tea

You can make bubble tea at home in easy ways. Everyone has their own choices of ingredients that they add to it according to their choices and needs. Preparation of boba tea requires only 6 ingredients.

Vegetarian Gluten free Makes 2

Produce                         Teabags = 3

Condiments                   Honey= ¼ cup

Spices & Baking            Tapioca pearls / Boba = 1 cup

Dairy                               Milk = 1 cup

Frozen                             Ice cubes = 1 ½ cups

Liquids                            water = 2 cups

making of bubble tea
  • Add tea bags in boiled water then add condensed milk into it.
  •  Add syrup or honey into the tea to make it sweet. 
  • If you like to add tapioca balls to the tea then firstly you cook these balls for 5 minutes and cool them then put them in the Milk ball tea. 


You can store boba balls only for one or two days in the refrigerator otherwise the toppings like tapioca pearls become stiff and you can’t chew them easily. 

Types of  Tapioca for Delicious Tea?

Toppings on tea are too essential part while making bubble milk tea. Tapioca balls are chewy and round structured balls. The colors of pearls vary according to tea flavors. Most pearls are black. Now jelly toppings are too much popular while serving boba tea. Jelly comes in different shapes like round-shaped, rectangular shapes, and small cubes. The flavors of jelly toppings are grass jelly, mango Coffee,  Lychee, and coconut jelly. 

types of topicao

Tapioca balls are the best toppings and people like their chewy structure. If hardness is produced in the boba balls, when you add these pearls to the tea, its taste does not look nice. Now different sizes and colors of these toppings come in the market, you can add these toppings according to the flavors and kinds of bubble tea.

jelly topicao

Procedure for homemade Tapioca Tea


1) 8 bags of black tea or 3 tablespoons loose-leaf black tea

2) 4 cups hot water

3) 3/4 cup tapioca pearls

4) Whole milk or non-dairy milk( almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, etc)

5) Simple syrup(sugar and water)  depends on your choice of sweetener.

The best way to know if to drink is healthy or not?

If you know about the nutrients of any dish or drink then you decide is it healthy or not? That’s why it is too much important to read out all the nutrient lists of any drink. 

  • Select flavor carefully green tea, orange tea, vegetable or other flavors, etc.
  • sugar, toppings with whipped cream, or honey contain calories you can choose a sugar-free drink.
  • full cream milk contains calories so try to select soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, etc.
  • avoid flavors that contain carbonated soda water.
healthy bubble tea

CIs dairy-free milk is suitable for Boba Pearls tea? 

You can use whole milk for making boba milk tea because it is good in flavor and tastes well. I prefer you to use the cream while making tea because the fats make the tea soften as compared to milk. The dairy-free and high-quality milk while making boba tea flavors. You can also use condensed milk and powdered milk for your tea it also feels good. 

You can also use dairy-free milk like soy milk and nuts milk for making boba tea recipes. It makes the tea more healthy and tasty. If you use dairy milk products in the tea then it tastes not so good that’s why people prefer dairy-free milk in the tea. 

Which sweeter is best for bubble tea?

You can use any kind of sweetener for your tea. It depends on you which sweeter is you like to add for a good tasting of tea. If you use honey in the tea it feels too good in taste and it is also very healthy for you. You should add honey to the warm tea so that honey properly dissolves in it and taste good. The same process is when you adding sugar to the tea. It is too important to know in which amount you add sweeter in the tea. If you make 2 cups of tea then you must add 2 tablespoons of honey or sugar. 

Syrup recipe:

Every person has their own choice to add sweeter to the drink. So I prefer to you, make a separate thick syrup and add it at a time according to the needs of people. You can easily make syrup at home. You add 1/2 cup of sugar in water and then boil it for 5 minutes. Heated up this mixture until your sugar properly dissolves in the water. Then, cool this mixture and put it in the bottle. The syrup is ready to use. 


  • You can use any sugar for syrup-like brown sugar, coconut sugar, etc as you like to add to the bubble tea. Some people add slices of ginger in the sauce for good taste. You can store this syrup only for one or two days. 
  • If you add tea bags to the water for a long time then you feel bitter. That’s why you should add tea bags for less time otherwise the flavor changes and you don’t feel nice while drinking bubble tea. 
  • If you are cooking tapioca balls,  don’t cook these pearls for a long time. These pearls become stiff if you store these pearls in the refrigerator.
  • Don’t use any dairy milk products in the bubble tea the taste of tea is changed but if you use cream in tea.
milk tea with toppings


In this article, you have learned about crystal bubble tea, how it originates and how green tea with boba makes you preventive from serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases. Milk tea is famous in different countries and every country has diverse servings of this tea that’s why the demand for boba tea is increasing day by day. Booba tea is popular among the young generation and serving boba tea to any special one is the biggest sign of giving thank you.

You have learned about the different flavors of boba tea and the whole procedure of making this tea. I hope this article helps you to understand how to make a good and tasty bubble tea in less time by applying different ways. Best of luck!

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