🥊 Boxing Glove emoji

Boxing Glove Emoji

Boxing Glove Emoji Meaning

An emoji shows a boxing glove with padding 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊. This object is used in the sport of boxing, mixed martial arts, or other activities that require gloves. Other than sports meanings, it can be used to indicate a knockout punch like something you did to defeat a challenging task or something that is affecting you. Fisticuffs emoji is also used to indicate fighting, threats, or strikes.

People use this 🥊 meaning boxing glove emoji with 😠 angry face emoji to show their rage and you can also use it to threaten someone who is irritating you. This emoji also used to indicate a match of boxing, a boxing player, or even a boxing ring. Be careful not to confuse boxing glove emoji with  🧤 gloves emoji that is a regular glover used for warmth.

Why are emojis so important?

Not only do emojis liven up your conversation, but they also have the capability to choose where accurate grammar is lacking. It is very essential to highlight our communication with our facial expression and body language. 

Emojis are important and they are something that words cannot poetry. Nevertheless, emojis do not hold value in a context that requires an objective voice or academic world. Emojis make your text more impressive and decorative. 

Note: As part of Unicode 9.0, the boxing glove was approved in 2016, and it was added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

Similar Emoji

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Also Known As

🥊 Boxing

🥊 Punch

🥊 Fighting

🥊 Fight

🥊 Pugilism

🥊 Fisticuffs

🥊 Kickboxing


🥊 U+1F94A


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