📘 Blue Book Emoji

Blue Book Emoji

Emoji Meaning:

Blue Book  Emoji📘 In the series of emojis, ‘Vol 3’, with a blue cover and a black filament in the middle. Meaning: In addition to official government directories, the Blue Book object could refer to any other type of publicly available and/or confidential government data.


 2010 saw Unicode 6.0 include Blue Book, while 2015 saw Emoji 1.0 add Blue Book.

Other Names

📘 Government Book

📘 List of Government Officials

📘 Booklet

📘 Test Booklet

📘 Book With Blue Covering

📘 Blue Booklet

📘 Volume 3


  • 📘 U+1F4D8


  • :blue_book: (Github, Slack)
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