✒️ Black Nib Emoji

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Emoji Meaning

This emoji shows the metallic nib. The black nib emoji indicates the writing activity with a pen. This object has a close link with calligraphy and handwriting. It might be used when talking about thank you letters or sending cards.

NOTE: ✒️ Black Nib emoji is accepted as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993, and was labeled emoji 0.6.

Black Nib Emoji

Similar Emojis

There are some similar emojis to ✒️ Black Nib emoji including ✎ Lower Right Pencil, ✍️ Writing Hand, ✐ Upper Right Pencil, 🖉 Lower Left Pencil, 🖋️ Fountain Pen, 🖍️ Crayon, 🖊️ Pen and ✏️ pencil emoji.

Also Known As

✒️ Fountain Pen Nib

✒️ Pen Nib

✒️ Pointy End of a Pen

✒️ Quill

✒️ Felt Tip

✒️ Ball Point

✒️ Stylograph


✒️ U+2712

✒️ U+fe0f



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