🏀 Basketball Emoji

Basketball Emoji

Basketball Emoji Meaning

The basketball emoji is used to show the high spirit and liveliness of the people. It demonstrates the sportsmanship of a person and his good perspective of life. 🏀🏀🏀 meaning is used to show the light-weightiness of a person like an “airball.” For example, “Omg, I feel as light as air bubbles, rn.”

An orange basketball is depicted in the Basketball emojis. It’s a term that’s widely used to describe the sport of basketball. Basketball hoop emoji, Basketball , basketball players, pop culture images of basketball, the National Basketball Association (NBA), and March Madness are all references to the sport.

Basketball emoji

However, on most devices, the emoji just shows a basketball symbol copy and paste feature. The basket emoji is a variable shade of orange depending on the platform and can be depicted either creatively or realistically. While the 🏀 meaning is used on a daily basis. Basketball hoop emoji is most popular during the NBA season and March Madness, a major men’s college basketball tournament. It looks different on Platforms like Google, and Twitter etc.

Note: As part of Unicode 6.0, basket ball emoji was approved in 2010 with “Basketball and Hoop” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🏀 Orange Ball

🏀 Basketball Game

🏀 Hoops

🏀 Hooping

🏀 Ball and Hoop

🏀 B-Ball


🏀 U+1F3C0


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