How Long Do You Have To Keep Bank Account Statements?

by Tashia J. Hansen
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As proof of purchase for four years, account statements should be retained. Tradesman payment account receipts must be kept for two years in the archive. Depending on the Bank, the period of retention may vary considerably. Private folders must be cleaned a lot from time to time. In particular, countless bank documents bloat folders in addition to tax documents. Bank customers can dispose of many records without effort; others should not be thrown too quickly in the trash. Basically: in extraordinary cases, a statutory period of retention only applies to private persons.

Tax reasons often determine the retention obligation. “For example, customers need to submit to the ING-Diba press spokesman, Alexander Baumgart, receipts for payment for handicraft professionals or property services and buildings. At the end of the respective calendar year, the retention period begins.

What is an Account Statement?

It is an activity of periodic summary with a beginning date and an ending date. These include checking online banking account statements, usually provided monthly and brokerage account statements which are provided quarterly or monthly. It also includes monthly credit card bills.

what is bank account statement?

The period of limitation must be retained

However, it can make sense to keep bank receipts for a couple of years. Even for consumers with a lower income. Then, you can use the account statement to prove beyond doubt that payment has indeed been made. Specifically in the case of significant procurements or investments. The statutory period of regular limitation guides for the required period of retention. It starts at the end of the calendar year in question and is usually three years. However, a period of archiving, which is also longer since the guarantee period is five years. May be appropriate for the work of artisans.

A particular case of bills for employees

Anyone employing artisans in their own home or apartment shall maintain two years’ accounts. After all, the tax office can ask if painters, tilers, or electricians have appropriately reported their sales tax. When auditing companies have held their duties for the past two years. Consequently, customers must provide tax authorities with information.

On the other hand, the guarantee period is 24 months for minor repair, renovation, or conversion work. And if the worst happens in the worst, not only the invoice but also a banknote can be requested. For your tax return, the following applies: It is better to wait until the decision is no longer disputed before the statements of account are destroyed. This can be done within one month following the announcement of the tax assessment by the tax office.

What are the high-earners?

The legislature distinguishes between firms, self-employed persons, and private persons regarding retention periods for bank statements. The self-employed, the traders, and the persons required to maintain accounts have to keep business documents for ten years. On the other hand, private people with higher incomes than EUR 500 000 per year must archive their bank statements as high earners. And they must hold them for six years.

What do electronic bank statements differ?

You may store your bank account statements electronically if you don’t want files in your closet or have insufficient space for files. In addition, at the end of each quarter, banks may, on request, send their online mailbox with the daily statement and financial statements. This is probably the responsibility of all bank customers who use online banking. The retention period, however, varies between banks.

However, Section 257 of the Trade Code (HGB) does apply to most institutions, which provides for ten years of detention. Customers ought, in any case, to ask: Some banks will only archive electronic account accounts for three years before automatic deletion. Ten years ago (AZ: IV A 7 – S0317 – 4/05), the Federal Department of Finance ordered electronic statements to be accepted when presented to the Bank in an unchanged PDF format. However, it is not enough for the authorities to print electronic extracts in the event of doubt, as they are only classified as a copy. Consequently, the original digital document must be maintained for ten years.

How bank statements can be disposed of?

credit card statement

You can naturally destroy your bank accounts when you have met any deadlines and are sure that there will be no more difficulty with payments, guarantees, or claims. It is essential to dismantling documents that end up in a paper bin so that fraudsters do not decipher data. You won’t make the data unrecognizable if you tear through paper only several times.

It is not enough to press Delete and empty trash when the electronic mailbox is cleared up in the home PC. To permanently remove files, special software should be used. For example, the free program “Secure Eraser” overwrites data extracted several times to prevent restore. If your computer is subsequently sold or disposed of in electronic waste, data theft is not possible.

Re-ordering bank statements

If a report cannot be found or accidentally deleted, that is also not a problem. The banks procure every statement. That does, however, cost. Conditions vary significantly, however. “ EUR 2.50/per person shall be paid if anyone ordering three Postbank declarations. The sums of EUR 10 50,5 is due for four to ten declarations and EUR 21 for those between 11 and 20,” says corporate spokesperson Ralf Palm.

Where are applicable old bank account statements?

For one year, most bank statements should be kept on paper or electronically accessible, after which they can be shredded. Any tax relating to charitable donations, such as proof, should be kept for at least three years.

For how long should I keep what financial documents?

Being aware, a good rule is to save all documents, such as Form W–2 or 1099. Bank and brokerage reports, tuition payments, and charitable donation receipts, for three to seven years. That verify information on your tax return.

How long must I keep deceased bank statements?

Copies of receipts retained in the paper (pay stubs, life insurance statements, credit card statements, bank and investment statements). Could you keep it for three years? Asset records should be maintained until the assets are sold (cars, investments, or savings bonds).

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