🎒 Backpack Emoji

Backpack Emoji

Emoji Meaning

This Backpack emoji🎒 is the image of a flashback to school days that are used by people for carrying different things. This image is the symbol of school education that means that someone is getting ready for the journey. 

Note: In 2010 Backpack was formed as a part of Unicode 6.0 and added to Emoji in 2015 as 1.0.

Also Known As

  • 🎒 Backpack
  • 🎒 Bag
  • 🎒 School Bag

Apple Name

🎒 Backpack

Unicode Name

🎒 School Satchel


  • 🎒 U+1F392


  • :school_satchel: (Github, Slack)
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