♈ Aries Emoji

Aries Emoji

Emoji Meaning

Aries emoji depicts a vertical line with a pair of horn-shaped curved lines coming up from the top. This symbol represents the Aries sign of the horoscope. The people who are born between March 21st to April 21st are Aries individuals.

NOTE: Aries was accepted in 1993 as part of Unicode 1.1 and in 2015 labeled as Emoji 1.0.

Similar Emojis

A list of similar emojis of ♈ Aries Emoji includes ♓Pisces, ♒Aquarius, ♑Capricorn, ♎Libra, ♌Leo, ♋Cancer, ♊Gemini, and ♉Taurus.

Apple Name

♈ Aries


♈ U+2648


:aries: (Github, Slack)

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