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A Small Introduction to A2Movies

A2Movies is infamous piracy promoting site having the best collection of the latest movies. What makes A2Movies stand out from the rest of the piracy sites featured in Telugu movies downloading websites list is that it offers all of its services for free. You may watch any of your favorite movies in HD quality absolutely for free. So, you may say that it has been made for those, who want to have the best experience of watching movies of any type.

If you are a quality movie lover, then you must definitely get on to A2Movies. Apart from the latest movies, you can also watch mega TV shows and TV series in HD quality as well. The movies in other languages on this site could be found from Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Hollywood, Punjabi, and Animation, etc. You may also find a great collection of games, apps, documentaries, and video songs, etc.

Watch Your Favorite Videos with the Best Resolution 

Most of the pirated sites don’t upload videos with the best resolutions, thus the videos over there don’t come with quality results. But if you visit the A2Movies site, you will find that any of your favorite movies available there is in full HD quality. On the site, the user is well-treated with the best quality movies for free. For your convenience, most of the movies presented on the site are present with 720p, 1080p resolutions to watch, and download as well. You are invited to go ahead, choose the best, and enjoy wholeheartedly with the best quality videos. For having the best resolution result, you don’t have to strain your eyes by watching any poor quality content of any latest, or old movie.

Sections, and Categories Presented on the Site

The content is categorized into different sections, so you might find your favorite stuff easily. You may click on your desired movies section and get ready to download all the latest movies in HD quality through this site.  If you are confused still and don’t find any way to reach your desired movie, you can check their tutorial on how to download a movie. This is one versatile site to be included in Telugu movies downloading websites list. Apart from downloading the movies, the site also offers the opportunity to watch them online as well.

A2Movies According to the Alexa Ranking, and MPAA Reporting

With its very start, the site got traffic in millions and boosted up to within days. The Motion Picture Association of America had declared this web-based movie platform as the major piracy threat in 2016. Alexa ranked the site in the top 250 sites of the world for getting a heavy amount of visitors from around the world. The site has been shut down many times, and thus they had changed the domain name multiple times throughout its history. You may find more than 8 URLs names or mirrors identified, which are carrying the name ‘A2Movies. It has been very critical to know the original name of the site.

Here is a list with a few names, the site has ever been adopted as clone names since its launch.

A Few Active Links

  • a2movies.mobi
  • www.a2movies.show
  • ww2.a2movies.in
  • a2movies.cc

A Few Dead, or Banned Links

  • ww2.a2movies.choose
  • a2movies.go
  • a2movies.dk
  • a2movies.ui
  • a2movies.ip
  • a2movies.fun

Crave All of Your Entertaining Desires by Sitting on Your Bed

The big screen of the theatre is undoubtedly the best source to watch the latest and popular movies, but most of the people can’t afford to go to cinema houses every time they want to watch the newly released movie. That’s why a large community is now switching to pirated websites. These sites don’t charge the users any daily, monthly, or annual fee. So they have become the perfect go-to for everyone and also an affordable source to treat their movie or entertainment desires on their computers, or smartphones. 

The Latest, and Top-Rated Movies

You can watch the best and highest-quality content on this free platform. On the site, you are going to enjoy the list of IMDB-rated movies. All the videos are sorted according to their resolution quality. Therefore, you have the option to choose only critically-acclaimed visual contents

How Does Piracy Act, and Affect?

Piracy doesn’t work secretly, or slowly, but it works openly, and instantly on the box office collection. It has been affecting the gross income of all the movie-making industries across the world. It has led to a decrease in the number of movie lovers, who used to visit the theatres and enjoy their favorite movies. The losses suffered by the film and TV industry have unfortunately crossed the mark of millions of dollars because of these illegal piracy websites.

There are many professionals from industry, who are trying to stand up against movie piracy problems by filing several complaints and being vocal about it. But, the piracy sites including A2Movies that provide free movie streaming, and downloading seem to have no end to their unlawful activities. Here in the following lines, there is all you need to know about this piracy website.

Avoid Watching Pirated Content

Watching pirated movies is not a good practice, and is not encouraged in any way. You are recommended to watch your favorite movies on the websites with legal rights to present the latest movies to the visitors. The sites offering free video content, often trap the visitor and prove to be a threat to their data, and money, so be careful in visiting such sites. 

Use a VPN, & a Quality Anti-Virus

If you are a frequent user to the site and love downloading pirated music content, you must remember that watching pirated, and illegal content is not encouraged by the cyber law enforcement authorities and is considered a crime. So be cautious, and use a VPN to conceal your location, and antivirus to be safe and secured. Moreover, avoid sharing any of your personal, or financial details with anyone on the site.

How Ads, & Pop-up Become an Earning Source of the Site

As the site offers free movies and other entertaining content to its users, and against this free offer, they show the ads and pop-ups with the movies. The advertisements they show their users are the real source of their earnings. The ads come from various illegal companies like dating, casinos, touring, and such other stuff.

Some Of The Best Alternative Streaming Platforms like A2Movies

The online market is flooded with a large number of streaming sites like A2Movies. But none of them could be considered as safe, and legitimate. Such sites don’t focus on user safety, and convenience, but they try providing the users with high-quality entertainment content. Though A2Movies is one of the best streaming platforms on the web that offers you the movies, series, TVshows, etc. Yet if you find it hard to access it, you may switch to any of the following online streaming portals. In the following lines, you may find a list of some alternative online streaming platforms, which can match the portal you were looking for to satisfy your entertaining desires.


HeatFeed.com neither promotes nor supports any torrent or piracy websites. The significant object to publish this article for our users is not to lure them to use the streaming sites. Yet to only inform them about piracy. If you are a movie lover and spare most of your time watching movies. You are advised not to use such illegal and pirated sites, and avail the services offered by them.

As browsing an open-source entertaining platform, you are not sure for the site to be a threat-free platform to visit and stay for longer. If you can’t help browsing the site to watch and download your desired movies. You are suggested to choose some legal platforms like HBO, Amazon, Netflix, Sony Movie, Hotstar, and many more. As being a professional team at Heatfeed, we don’t want you to choose any illegal way to meet your entertaining desires.