Is 9xmovies The Website You Need In Your List?

by heatfeed

Indian Film Industries is one of the most sought after industries in the country. There are thousands of people working together for the production of a movie. The actors, directors, producers, singers, and few more positions remain in the forefront while representing the movie

Whether a movie works or not, these people will surely enjoy immense popularity. They are literally known as the soft powers of the country who are loved, adored, and followed by millions across the globe. They set trends, bring in the glamour quotient and are always under public scrutiny. 

No matter what, these movie people remain a part of everyone’s life. With social media usage on the rise, every actor, director, singer, big or small has easy access to his fans and can gain enormous fandom.

Major Determining Factor

A major determining factor whether to watch a particular movie is the actors in it or singers or the songs. The more popular the actor, the more crowd it will have in the theatres. Watching movies in a theatre is probably one of the most regular things any movie lover will do. You go there for entertainment, and you pay for the tickets, part of which is earned by the producers of the movie. 

However, in recent times, with the piracy activities on the rise, most people have simply going to the theatres and are watching them on the internet. A lot of websites are running on the internet, where these movies are already uploaded before it is even released in the theatres. 

One of the most viewed sites, known as 9xmovies, is a virtual library of pirated movies of all Indian languages and Hollywood. Whether this site is legit or not, ethical or not, you may decide after reading the entire article. 

Why 9xmovies?

9xmovies is popular among Indian movie lovers as this site gives you free and unlimited access to all the popular shows and movies. Especially famous among the youth as all the new Indian movies are available in this movie website. Indian movies, it is not just Hindi movies that are available. But various regional language movies like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi movies are also available. 

Most of these movies are uploaded without taking the prior consent of the producer of the movie. Apart from that, popular Indian shows are also found here, and English movies and shows, which have a massive fandom, are also available. All the users have to do is do the relevant search. And the link will be available to them to watch for free.

This site attracts the younger crowd because of all these popular and rare media. If they had to buy from the market, it would have cost them quite a few bucks. Whereas, out here, they are not spending a single penny on them. And getting to enjoy them all right in front of their laptop. 

What Does 9xmovies Contain?

9xmovies contain a wide range and variety of movies that are produced by the various Indian film industries. English movies produced overseas and popular tv shows are also widely found and are accessible. There is no dearth of the genre, as all the popular genres can be discovered in 9xmovies. From drama, romance, action to documentary, history, mystery, one can look up for the movies by their favorite genre. However, all these movies are not original. But a copied version of the original movies which do not compromise on the quality. 

Are Copied Or Pirated Version Of The movies Ethical And Legal To Watch?

Are these movies which the users are watching without paying a single penny legal and ethical? The short answer is no, and it is prohibited by the government to not access these sites. Due to increasing incidents of piracy and copyright violations, the government is practically blocking all these websites with pirated content. Even then, it has not been fully successful in doing so; as our smart citizens are finding other innovations to remove the ban and access it. 

It is the collective responsibility of the state and the citizens to stop any kind of piracy-related activity. The citizens, particularly the netizens, need to realize that piracy is nothing but an act of stealing. These sites also impact a lot on the box office earnings; as many don’t go to theatres due to the easy availability. Not just that, the general public is equally responsible for the losses incurred by these movie production houses due to these illegal activities. Needless to say, piracy and copyright violations are regarded as offenses in our country, which have enacted legislation preventing them. 

Apart from the legality and ethics; These sites are not the safest option to enter as your system is most likely to be infected with the virus. Unless you have a reputed antivirus preloaded in your device. It should be prepared to welcome some viruses and malware on your device. This will slow down the overall performance of your computer or mobile, unfortunately.  


After reading the article, you will have to make a wise choice as to whether to still access the site or not. However, the best advice is to go for any other paid alternative as there are many ethical paid websites and apps which are at your service of entertaining you.