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ExtraTorrent, which was formerly considered a Giant in Torrent ecosystems, ceased their work voluntarily in 2017.

Torrenters flocked the internet after its shutdown to find its replicas. Some managed to find the mirror sites of extratorrent in the pursuit of finding the best alternative, but some got worried about the massive flux of fake torrent sites.

In this article, we will try compiling all the essential information about the best extratorrent alternatives.


Back in 2006, when various torrent sites were at present in the industry, Extratorrent was created by an unknown administrator.

Extratorrent slowly paved its way high up the ladder and in a couple of years,  extratorrent emerged right behind Private Bay. Extratorrent is like Mejortorrent and it was famous for hosting high-quality torrents of movies and TV shows, attracting millions of users daily.

Due to its immense success, extratorrent was under continued scrutiny by various authorities. Extratorrent ceased their work in November 2017. It is still unknown whether it was the sound pressure that caused the demise of everyone’s favorite torrent site or any other reason.

Before its shutdown, Extratorrrent was ranked as the 291st most viewed website globally, which itself is remarkable.


However, you don’t have to worry about difficulty in finding desired torrent sites.

Here we will talk about and devise a list of 10 best extratorrent sites which will entertain you the same as extratorrent.

Before using any torrent sites, it is recommended to use a VPN that will secure your data from potential hackers.



Pirate Bay is one of the oldest torrent sites, undoubtedly the champion of the torrenting world.

Its founders were Swedish anti-copyright activists and founded this site in 2003.

Since then its founders are waging war against authorities in terms of copyright claims, some even ended up in prison. But still, Pirate Bay survived and is still standing firm in the industry. It is one of the oldest and only sites that work under the legal umbrella, meaning now it will not be responsible for any copyright breach taking place through its site. Many Hollywood studios will require pirate bay to vanish from the web. But it is still online, providing its users with countless torrents belonging to distinct categories.

The Pirate Bay is available in 35 peculiar languages and also accessible via proxy.

  1. openpirate.org
  2. openpirate.cc
  3. Unblockpirate.uk

Average download speed: 6.0 Mb/sec

That being stated, Pirate bay is by far the best alternative to extratorrent.



If you suffer from a never-ending obsession for movies, YTS is the best place for you as this wonderful torrent site is exclusively focused on movies. 

Thanks to their optimized layout, it becomes hassle-free for anyone to download a movie torrent from this site.

YTS is a successor of YIFY, a compact group that initially uploads torrents to various websites. One day they realized they can also flourish if they establish their torrenting site. So YTS was born, since then it worked under different domains.

Like other torrent sites, YTS was also targeted by authorities. Most specifically in New Zealand,    where a lawsuit was filed under the anti-piracy act.

One of the pros that make YTS stand out in all other torrent sites, is that downloading torrents from YTS will be considerably easier on your bandwidth. 

YTS offers high-quality movie torrents to its users, making the site enormously popular.

Average downloading speed: 8.0 Mb/sec



1337x is by far the most contemporary torrent sites, anyone who only heard of torrents sites will imagine them to be stylish as of this site’s layout. 

This torrent site has been around since 2007, serving up to date content to its users.

1337x occupies the position of the third-best torrent site on our list, which is still working to this date. One of the reasons why users tend to prefer this site is because it can assist you to find such torrents that you are not even looking for in your search query.

It frequently changes its domain name to circumvent the Google ban. Currently, it is operating under the primary domain as .to. But there are some backup domains as well;

  1. 1337x.is
  2. 1337x.st
  3. x1337x.ws

Average download speed: 4.0 Mb/sec



RARBG is one of the oldest torrent sites to offer high-quality torrents to film buffs. It is dissimilar from other sites with the respect that it also features reviews, news, and information about the movies.

Founded in 2006, RARBG is popular with its users due to a well organized and immaculate layout, making it one of the best candidates as extratorrent alternatives.

Movies and TV shows are available in numerous resolutions, from SD to uncompressed 1080p Blu-ray rips.

Due to its immense popularity, it got banned in the UK, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. If you want to bypass the restriction and access its content in your country, you have to use a VPN.

RARBG offers high-quality torrents from distinct categories. This site seems to be managed by skilled operators who know the dynamics of the file-sharing community.

  1. arbg.is
  2. rarbgproxied.org
  3. rarbgaccess.org

Average download speed: 5.5 Mb/sec



Zoogle, came to light as one of the alternatives for extratorrent. Currently, you can find 3.5 million torrents and 1000 torrents being added daily. 

This site offers a splendid collection of movies and TV shows, but what makes zoogle distinct from other sites is that it is perfect for gamers.

The Interface is user-friendly, the design is exceptional but there is room for improvements in some pages. Zoogle is accelerating at a faster pace, and if it continues to grow this way, it will make it bigger shortly in the torrent industry.

It is available in two languages, English and Russian and we are hoping that other languages will be added too with the flux of time.

  1. zooqle.bypassed.mba/
  2. zooqle.unlockpro.party/
  3. zoqle.unblocked.pm/

Average Download speed: 3.0Mb/sec



If you are looking forward to recently released movies and yet you didn’t discover them on other sites, Torlock is the best option for your quest for torrents.

Torlock is currently offering 5.8 million torrents, especially if you are looking for movies, TV shows, anime, and reading material. The layout is amicable,  the site is swift and responsive.

Torlock has a separate news section that piles torrent related news from several websites, most commonly Torrent Freak. If you are a loyal user and download torrents every day, you must dig into the news section that will make you aware of the most recent laws and regulations.

Due to incredible user experience, this site makes it on the list of 10 best extratorrent alternatives.

7.Torrentz 2


Torrentz2 is the extension of torrent z, which was restricted by court orders last year. 

In an attempt to gain access to this site, your antivirus will trigger a warning. But if you are using a VPN, this is nothing much to worry about. This extratorrent site is the same as original, with some modifications in how the magnet links work and considerable emphasis on music.

This site remains a primary choice for those people who love to listen to music. Torrentz2 is a meta-search engine that collects torrents from other stores. You will be surprised to even find torrents from decades ago, which also has seeders.

You might not find this site as sophisticated as other sites, but you can however find the best torrents on this site. That is why torrent2 makes it on our list for extratorrent alternatives.

  1. torrents2.cc
  2. torrents2.eu
  3. torrentsmirror.com

Average  download speed: 5.4 Mb/sec



Torrentdownloads is an extratorrent alternative, that is free of irritating ads popping up on your screen and their content is also legal and relatively safe to download.

Torrentdownloads offers high-quality torrents of movies, tv shows, anime, games, software, books, and other torrents. 

While downloading, you might be directed to itorrents.org, which is a service to follow content files. Torrentdownloads does this to secure its data from the eyes of cybersecurity officials.

If you are looking for torrents, which you might not find at other sites, this place is for you.



Limetorrents is a general-purpose extratorrent site that seems to be seizing the user’s attention. The site recently changed their homepage, with a gleaming design of large buttons for discrete categories. 

Woefully the recent torrents can be downloaded with steady speed and also have magnet links, but the old torrents seem to be left in ruins.

But the most concerning thing here is content, Limetorrents offers a splendid collection of torrents from movies, tv shows, and anime to games.



Kickass  torrents, an extratorrent alternative, was also blocked as of extratorrent.

Extratorrent was founded in 2008 and in the past received one million visitors per day. Even though it has different mirror sites, none of the extensions was capable of achieving what the original site had achieved. 

Kickass torrents have a simple layout, with a search bar which looks like google and has torrents from various categories. You can also switch to the other home page, with peculiar categories and even allows you to access its community where different torrent users share their experience.

Nonetheless, Kickass torrents are surely worth a try if you are seeking the best extratorrent alternative.

  1. katcr.to
  2. kat.li
  3. kat.lat

Average Download Speed: 5.0 Mb/sec


As many countries put torrenting sites under an umbrella of a ban, you might be wondering that all forms of torrenting are illegal?

Well. Torrenting itself is not illegal. Downloading torrents is completely within the law unless it does not come under the category of the copyrighted material.

Torrenting to Share and downloading content that is considered as copyright is illegal.

Woefully, it’s hard for authorities to keep an eye on every torrent site whether legal or not. Many countries impose a ban on all the torrenting sites, including the legal torrenting Sites.

If you want to access these torrenting sites, you’ll have to use a VPN.



Over here, some reasons why VPN is used for Torrenting;

  1. Helps to unblock sites which are restricted by Government
  2. Secure your personal and private data
  3. Provide security from any malware attack
  4. Intercept throttling
  5. Keep you away from trouble in case of unwanted downloaded copyright content


These are some of the top VPN recommendations for Torrenting;



After the demise of extratorrent, many mirror sites emerged on the internet in pursuit of replacing the original extratorrent site. It is hard to decide which one is spam and which is not. If you don’t want any risk, you will surely go for the 10 best extratorrent alternative torrent sites previously mentioned in this article.

“While ExtraTorrent.ag is no longer accessible, many other ExtraTorrent mirror sites still are, including the five listed above. The problem is that not all ExtraTorrent mirror sites are safe. Some host malicious advertising and cryptocurrency mining scripts, others try to convince their users to download dangerous software, and others still collect sensitive information about their users and use it for malicious purposes”


The quest for torrenting is transforming day by day. It is indeed a fact that not many sites obtain that much popularity as of extratorrent.

But there are many alternative extratorrent sites which are offering the same high-yield content to its file-sharing enthusiasts.

Expectantly, you will choose any extratorrent alternative which we mentioned above. While you can easily choose the site, you must be concerned about security and safety. Any alternative site you decide to use, make certain to use a VPN.